The long way to Mexico

In 2011 I was supposed to speak at MagmaRails.

At the time, I was working on Rubinius and related projects from Portland, Oregon. The whole thing was sponsored by Engine Yard. In case you didn't know, they rock.

Anyhow, they would have covered my trip to Manzanillo. Would have. But then Hurricane Jova decided to cancel the event.

Three times since have I been invited to Mexico. And so far, I couldn't make it.

A few things changed since then: First, I'm back in Germany, which is a bit farther away from Mexico than the US is. And second, I no longer have Engine Yard sponsoring me. But I still work on Open Source full time. Silly me.

Doing a lot of Open Source means I get invited to speak at a few conferences each year. Since Travis CI is by far not making enough money (yet) to cover my travel expenses or pay me enough so I can do it myself, I always insist on the conference covering the costs.

I did the same for the three invitations I've got from MagmaRails, by now called MagmaConf. However, it's not easy to find sponsors for a community organized conference in Mexico. Every time I was told that they can't cover my costs, maybe next year.

But this time we won't declare defeat that easily. Instead, we're trying to crowdfund my plane tickets with the Bring Konstantin to MagmaConf campaign. You would make the conference organizers, the attendees and of course myself extremely happy by shipping in, even if it's just a little.

We created this fundraiser because we believe that the Ruby community is awesome and there is a strong chance that we can reach the goal. Plus, Konstantin is pitching in with some pretty nice perks, so it's totally worth the contribution!

— MagmaConf

Check out the conference's blog post on why they think I should be speaking there.

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